Mindfulness for Inner Peace

Digestible Gems of Wisdom for Busy People

Mindfulness is a skill that can be cultivated for many purposes. Being present to our current experiences allows us to pause from the constant stimulation of life,  in order to reflect on what we are experiencing and readjust ourselves in the direction we would like to head.


In this one month course, we explore the cultivation of mindfulness of essential life attributes that lead to inner peace and contentment. We explore qualities such as generosity, kindness, patience and non-harm, and determine for ourselves how our thoughts and actions can led us towards a happier life.

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For meditators walking the Path to Awakening

Cast your mind back to a time you felt caught up in some worries that you simply could not shake off. 


How did your mind feel at the time? 


How clearly could you actually see things?


Now, compare this to a time when you felt warmth, comfort and connection in the presence of others. In what ways do your body and mind feel different in the two situations? Which one feels more pleasant and free?


It is obvious which one is more pleasant, isn’t it?  How can we move our lives towards the more free and open feeling of connectedness?  Is this possible, even while the challenging situations are still present?

Freeing Our Mind aims to help train our awareness of important things that usually remain deep in the unconscious and hold us back from experiencing life with clarity and wisdom.  We provide online training programs and a support community to help you Awaken from habitual patterns that cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life.  Here, you will find:

  • 10 minute videos providing clear and detailed teachings

  • Practical suggestions to effect immediate change in your life

  • A compassionate and supportive environment for developing wisdom

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