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"In this world of stress and constant stimulation, I'd like to invite you to pause and experience life from a space of openness, interest and acceptance"

Li-Anne Yellachich

Learn how to apply mindfulness to every aspect of your daily life


Mindfulness allows us to:

  • live in the present, rather than the past and future

  • reduce our stress in life substantially 

  • develop new ways to break bad habits

  • cultivate beneficial habits

  • connect with the needs of our body and mind

  • live harmoniously with each other

  • open to understand the ultimate nature of our existence and how we can act in accordance with this

  • choose to live a life of well-being, contentment and ease, rather than  pain, dissatisfaction and anguish

Learn, practise,

share, repeat.

​Freeing Our Mind provides online mindfulness courses to better understand, and transcend, your unconscious habitual patterns.

  • Exploring Mindfulness for Inner Peace       (30 Day Course for everyone)

  • Learn to Meditate Courses

  • Retreat in Bali on Kindness (for everyone)

  • Online retreats for experienced meditators

  • Mindfulness videos, articles and posts

  • Support, encouragement and answers to help you overcome the stress of the world



Instead of comparisons, competition and separation so many of us experience, you can connect with others on the Path of Awakening and help create a better world.

  • Online forum to connect with others and end isolation

  • Opportunity to share experiences

  • Q&A for greater understanding on how to develop your practice

  • In-person retreats and gatherings


Here you will find articles that enrich, as well as  video recordings of Li-Anne's classes.

An ever-growing resource of timeless wisdom.


What would our world be like if everyone was Awakened


What would life feel like if we were all free from unconscious beliefs and habits that caused unhappiness and dissatisfaction in ourselves and the people around us? 


In what ways could we transform our community, if we were completely free to creatively respond to the dance of life?


This website is ideal for:

  • stressed individuals who can't slow down and feel overwhelmed

  • people who have never meditated before

  • long-time meditators interested in Awakening

  • people interested in exploring life from a different perspective

  • patients with cancer and other severe illness

  • medical professionals and caregivers

  • people seeking community and connection

  • business professionals wanting greater life balance and peace


"I met Li-Anne at a time when my health was falling apart. I was in pain all the time, I wasn't sleeping, I had no energy and was weary, defeated and felt like life was not worth living ... But meeting Li-Anne changed my life... The technique Li-Anne recommended ... was incredibly simple ... Li-Anne was teaching me a completely new way of relating to myself and my experiences ... I am beginning to discover that peace and contentment are possible, regardless of life's circumstances."

Florence, Clinical Psychology PhD student living with Fibromyalgia



"It is such a gift to learn from you! You are precise in the language you use to describe ... the process of meditation; succinct in the advice and recommendations you provide about practice; dynamic in your depth of understanding of a multitude of practice approaches, and personalised in the advice you provide ..., I have received great benefit from you."


Nick Rubinich, Founder of Mindfulness Meditation Hub

"I have studied with and learned from Li-Anne for almost two years now. She gracefully taught me how to let go and find a sense of freedom in my meditation practice and teaching. Working from a broad knowledge of meditation and psychotherapy techniques, she can gently facilitate the unfolding in her students' unique paths."

Mimi Moncier, Meditation Teacher