About Li-Anne

I am inspired and committed to helping as many people as are interested, Awaken to their full potential. I truly believe that this is a necessary step we each need to take if we are to effect real change in this world.

I have been interested in the exploration of the full extent of the mind and its potential since I was a child. I was raised in an environment where each of my numerous caregivers spoke to me in a different language. I consequently became adept at understanding what people meant, irrespective of the words they used. This, in combination with my psychoanalytic training that taught me to hear what people did not say, has enhanced my ability to hear the deeper needs of people in front of me and respond accordingly.

I explored human psychology academically through a Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Cognitive Science, postgraduate psychoanalytic training and a PhD in neuropsychiatry. Experientially, I have been fortunate to have learnt and practised meditation over the past decades under the wisdom and guidance of many, many great Buddhist meditation masters of the world. I am filled with gratitude and humility to have sat at their feet, and offer these courses as a continuation of their impact on the world.

I was encouraged in 2007 to teach meditation in the Mahasi tradition by my teacher, Sayadaw U Thuzana. Over the years I trained under him, I became adept at moving from the strict monastic setting of each silent meditation retreat into my regular home life as mother, wife, business manager and psychotherapist. I grew to appreciate the enormous value of each setting, as well as the necessary ways to transition seamlessly.

Since starting to teach, I have been exploring various ways to impart the profundity of these priceless teachings in a contemporary and secular manner. In my work as a psychotherapist and counsellor of patients with cancer and their carers, I have seen how effective this has been for so many of my patients and clients. It is in this light that I offer these online courses to all who wish to learn.

I sit comfortably within and between the cultures of the East and West, theoretical and practical, religious and secular. I teach secular as well as traditional Buddhist meditation retreats, in person and online. On this platform, I will make it clear whether a given retreat is in the traditional Buddhist format or in a more contemporary, secular format.

Li-Anne Yellachich


To say that Li-Anne's mission is to help all beings Awaken is almost an understatement. She has invested much time studying, investigating and engaging in this practice with various teachers. I'm excited she has put together this course that will benefit many.

Norliah W, Meditator of over 25 Years

It's been a real pleasure working with Li-Anne. She consistently demonstrates a deep conceptual and experiential understanding of the advanced stages of the Buddhist path and worldview. She also understands the challenges faced by those new to the path. She's a compassionate and committed "spiritual friend" and teacher, providing support and guidance with candor and a fresh perspective.

Andrew Sherbrooke, Meditation Teacher

Li-Anne is an inspiring teacher of the Dhamma. She provides clear and steady guidance to both beginners and advanced meditators alike, with an open and encouraging approach. I am very grateful to have Li-Anne as a teacher.

Richard B, Dedicated Meditator