Uncover your full potential

Uncover your full potential

You are invited to join us in a revolutionary one-month course that will help you discover a better version of yourself.  The self-paced course will involve:

  • 10-minute talks guiding you to explore your life from a different perspective

  • Daily reminders to continue your self-explorations 

  • A 20-minute walks with audio instructions

  • Daily reflections at the end of each days


Before I met Li-Anne I was looking for ways to create a better version of me … Although I still have so much more to learn I feel I am able to reflect on how differently I now see life in general … I feel I am on the right path. Li-Anne's teaching is encouraging, inquiring, supportive, non judgemental and always loving … I always come away feeling like I have learned another way of looking at things that happen on a daily basis … Love and forgiveness are supreme.


Li-Anne's teaching and guidance has been invaluable in helping me to develop a deeper sense of introspective awareness. Having this awareness has been truly beneficial in my personal and professional life, allowing for insight and adjustment to old, often unhelpful, patterns of conditioned thinking and behaviour. The flow-on effects of this insight to my relationships with others and myself have been significant.


Li Anne … has great interactive skills.  Her teaching talents are wide.  Her presentation is delivered in a quiet, and gentle manner. She actively seeks questions, and her advice is given in an uncomplicated manner.  She follows, at later dates as to if this advice proved helpful, and if not makes other suggestions that may be more fruitful.  She has unstintingly given her time and expertise ...  Her patient support and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Janet Walker

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